Multimodal Components of my Website

So I have decided on using two main products/software to produce my multimodal compositions that are going to be part of my website. I have decided to use imovie to produce my videos of various faculty, staff, and students commenting on the buildings I am studying. Imovie was recommend to me by Instructional Technology as an easy, mostly drag and drop, movie editing software. I can easily upload the short video clips to YouTube and  make them available there as well them being embedded on my website.

The other application I am going to use is Prezi. I talked briefly about Prezi in my last post, here. I think its going to be a great way to produce some presentations to not only document the changes that have occurred to the College of Wooster’s campus, but also to make some interesting arguments about those changes. You can embed sound in the presentations, and it is also easily embedded on websites as well.

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3 Responses to Multimodal Components of my Website

  1. kholt says:

    Doesn’t Prezi run on flash? Will this be a user accessibility issue for your project?

  2. yeah, Prezi is flash-based. There may be a fix though, I am working on it.

  3. kholt says:

    Hey, did you send the link to your secret site yet?

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