Well, It’s all over.

First, I successfully presented my research last month at the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, and again last Friday at The College of Wooster’s Senior Research Symposium. I presented my website as part of the digital I.S. session, and I received third prize in the Digital I.S. Competition during the Symposium. Oh yeah, I also successfully defended my I.S. a couple of weeks ago to officially complete my project.

The outpouring of support, excitement, and ‘buzz’ the project generated was tremendous. The emails, and comments people have made to me in person, also have been great. People have really latched on to the website and all seem to really appreciate it. The amount of media and discussion it has generated has been amazing too – there has already been one article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, and another is forthcoming. I’m also set to be profiled for the College’s website, and interviewed by the Wooster Daily Record as well. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity that is now just starting to settle down a bit.

So, what’s up with the blog? What is going to happen to it?

Well, the blog will stay up as documentation about the process and progress that my project made throughout the year. But, it will not be active anymore, and will mainly be just left up as an archive of the process I went through.

Then, what’s up for me?

Well, I’m going to continue experimenting with digital public history projects and digital humanities. I’m also going to continue blogging, but not here. You can follow me on my Civil War blog, Interpreting the Civil War, and on my personal blog, jacobdinkelaker.org I have tons of tidbits and such about Wooster history that for one reason or the other, never made it on the website. Hopefully, I’ll find an outlet for them on my personal blog.

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