McGregor Project – Kickoff Meeting Presentation

So I am making a short presentation on my uses of digital Media in research and presentation at the McGregor Project kickoff meeting this afternoon. (for more on the project, check out the news release, here)  What I want to focus on how digital media allows everyone is being part of the larger scholarly debate on subjects in which they are interested  and working on. I am going to tweet the meeting as we go, and use this blog post as my bullet points for my presentation.

A Larger Conversation

Digital Tools are a way to engage in a much larger conversation and world than you can using just paper and pen. how do you present yourself professionally? More importantly, How do you want to present yourself? That is how I approach digital media.

Two types I am going to focus on are:

Twitter – How to become part of the larger conversation

WordPress (what this is) – blogging your way into the discussion

Progress and Process

Both of these tools allow you to see who else is working in your field, what they are reading, and what they are thinking. they are also tools that you can use to engage in that discussion. What are you thinking, reading, working on right now? blog it! tweet it!

It is digital peer review, a support group, or Collaboration (gasp!)

Remember, your an expert in your field! This is especially true with I.S. How many people know more about your exact topic? My public history examples.

After IS

This is a way to sell yourself. Let’s face it – digital abstracts, websites, and movies are way more fun to browse around in then a 60-page paper…This is a way to sell yourself!

Lastly, the “Come to Jesus” talk: Learning how to Learn – Digital Media

Digital media is here to stay. Companies, institutions, government agencies all use digital media. Why not you? Zotero/Wordpress example.

but, (everyone says this) What happens when something newer, cooler comes out/ what then? Get over it!

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