End of Semester Update

Well, its the final week of the fall semester. Let’s recap what has happened. Instead of going the more traditional route for my I.S., I decided I wanted to create a digital public history project. The purpose of the website would be to host a walking tour of the College of Wooster’s most historic buildings. QR codes posted around the buildings will take visitors, via their smart phone, to my website where they can explore the history of the buildings and what those buildings represent. By this Friday, The Kauke Hall and Frick Hall portions of the website will be ready except for the multimedia content. Next semester, I will jump right in to the McGaw and Severance Art pages. Over the break I hope to finish several of the multimedia parts of the webpage, as well as fill out the rest of the website by finishing auxiliary pages and preparing it for launch.

I have several other goals for winter break as well. I hope to launch my own separate blog and website using WordPress outside of the voices page. I have been planning this for awhile and I hope to have it up and running by the end of the year. I want to be able to have an established website and blog that I can shift gears with after graduation in May. The blog I hope to create is going to focus on the civil war sesquicentennial, public history, and of course, digital history.

I’ll try to post updates about my project during the break, as well as when my personal website goes live.

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  1. kholt says:

    I saw this morning’s NYT Magazine cover and thought of you: http://nyti.ms/hjCJWO

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