Project Conception

I have already had several meetings with both of my advisors.  Now, I am really trying to focus on nailing down the scope and conception of my IS. As I noted in my first post, for my Senior IS, I am studying historic preservation at the College of Wooster.

More specifically I want to ask whether the College has a comprehensive historic preservation plan that it follows when constructing new buildings on campus. If there is one, when was it implemented? What did the College do, before there was a plan in place? If the College has not been operating with a historic preservation plan, how have historic preservation issues been handled? – Case-by-case? Only when convenient?  How have the decisions that have been made over the years affected the image and feel of campus from an historic preservation approach? These are just some of the questions I will be exploring in the coming weeks.

For this project I will be using The College of Wooster Special Collections’ extensive holdings on the many buildings of campus.  Special Collections has documents ranging from memos, business letters, meeting minutes, and blue prints from many of the structures on the grounds. Special Collections also has tons of historic photographs of campus, that I would love to incorporate into my IS, as some digital component, but I am not too sure on how I am going to do that just yet. I think it would be a nice component to not only be able to tell and explain how historic preservation has occurred at the College, but to also show in photographs, taken over the years, how the campus has changed.

Attached to this post is my “agreement” that my advisors and I drew up to combine aspects of both of my major fields into a double Senior IS. We thought it was a good idea to draw it up on paper so everyone involved knew what was expected.

Jacob Dinkelaker Senior IS Archaeology and History Double Major

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  1. kholt says:

    Re: Public History, did you read Dr. Loomis’ latest blog post: ?
    He’s got some great speakers and events planned for this year.

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