Some Research Annotations

Here are some of the sources I am going to use for my project. The first¬† is an edited book that discusses landscape archaeology and cultural landscapes. The second is a photographic history of Wooster by Wooster’s noted town historian, Harry McClarran.

Alanen, Arnold R, and Robert Melnick. Preserving Cultural Landscapes in America. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000.

This work is an edited volume concerning cultural landscape. Of particular interest is chapter 8 “Integrity as a Value in Cultural Landscape Preservation” by Catherine Howett. Howett argues that the key componet in preserving lanscapes is integrity. She¬† distinguishes between true history and false history False history is practiced at museum sites such as Colonial Williamsburg and in many historic preservation projects such as the Medina, OH downtown district project. This type of history gives people the wrong interpretation of the past. The integrity of historic preservation practice is called into question, because of what preservationists have done to the landscape, as a means of restoring it. She concludes that only through integrity can the real essence of historic preservation become apparent, otherwise, professionals are merely creating fantasylands based loosely on history. Howett agrees with the definition of integrity defined by the section 106 process, which is based upon the significance of the building. For the building to be eligible there must be integrity, a connection between the past and present for the criteria to apply. The integrity of the past significance of the building with the present structure must be intact. If the importance of the building is not apparent in present state, then the preservation process of that building has failed from a viewpoint of historical integrity

McClarran, Harry S. A Glimpse from the Front Porch and a Bridge to the Past: A Photographic History of Wooster Ohio 1808-2008. Wooster, Ohio: Wooster Book, 2007.

Compiled by the city of Wooster’s self-appointed Historian, Harry McClarran, this book is an excellent source of photographs of the Wooster area, including the College of Wooster. Several photographs detail the various changes done to campus in the many years of its existence.

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  1. just a quick note – my Zotero user name is jldinkelaker if anyone wants to check in on my library.

  2. kholt says:

    These sources will both be important for your project. Can we talk a bit more about clarifying the “false” and “true” history distinction? It isn’t clear to me here what is wrong with the Medina and Williamsburg projects from a preservation standpoint.
    Thanks for giving me your Zotero name – it is helpful to see what you’re reading.

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